About Us

MuNelo Technologies is a construction and engineering services corporation founded by individuals with experience and a passion to provide quality and sustainable solutions to commercial, residential and industrial clients.
We see the opportunities, possibilities and potential that others don’t. Through a range of uniquely creative processes and skills, we collaborate with our clients to re-imagine, shape and design a better future. We believe humanity depends on engineering; and we recognise we have a broader stewardship role to play. A deep responsibility to hold. As we continually strive for a life in balance, Munelo Group clients will be ready for the future and engineered for life.

MuNelo Group specialises in delivery of infrastructural and building services to the built environment. Founded in 2007, we have successfully completed projects in energy and building, ranging from turnkey electrical distribution & reticulation and air-conditioning to civil work.

Employing industry best practice, provide sustainable solutions within program and customer budgetary allowance.

To become the preferred infrastructural contractor locally and across Africa.
  • excellence
  • transformation
  • client focus
  • integrity
  • innovation
  • performance

We thrive on providing professional client focused solutions,
uniquely tailored to better our customer’s intended outcomes.
Our culture establishes that when we undertake a project, these
outlined key aspects are fully met:

  • project deliverability within the level of our technical experience and resources;
  • delivery of value adding outcomes;
  • competitive pricing to avoid change orders and cost variances.

A message from our people

Across our business as a whole, our approach is to take measures to help safeguard our people from the spread of COVID-19, while ensuring we are able to continue the day-to-day business of Munelo Group